Cisco Training Exclusives

Accelerate Your Cisco Learning Experience
Train with us for 5 days. Continue to learn for 365.

The Cisco Training Exclusives help develop your Cisco technology skills and empower your Cisco learning experience.  This program includes supplemental learning assets that enhance your learning experience for 12 months after your course.

12 Months of Access to the IT Skills Video On-Demand Library

Support your in-class experience with bite-sized video content designed to reinforce topics covered in class, related technology topics, and other technology areas.

  • Includes over 35,000 3-10 minute technical videos.
  • Features a variety of IT topics including Cisco technology and certification topics.
  • Covers a broad range of IT technologies including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Red Hat, VMware, Oracle, IBM, Security, and more.
  • Created by leading subject matter experts and instructors.
  • Helps students address skill gaps without extended work disruptions.
  • The easily digestible duration allows for quick answers to daily challenges.
12 Months of Access to Boson Practice Exams*

Test your knowledge and prepare for Cisco certification exams with unlimited access to self-paced practice exams from Boson.

  • Matches the Cisco exam experience including topic coverage, question types, question difficulty, and test timing.
  • Includes accurate and detailed question explanations. You will learn the technologies covered – not just the answer.
  • Features simulation and study modes. Simulation mode replicates the timing and functionality of the actual test.
  • The Score Report identifies problem areas and can help you determine if you are ready to take the real exam.
3 Months of Access to the Introduction to Cybersecurity Digital Learning Course

In this digital learning course, you will discover the importance of cybersecurity in information technology and understand cyber-attacks and the techniques used to take control of an unsecure system.

  • Understand the importance of cybersecurity in information technology.
  • Learn about defensive measures security teams can take to prevent attacks.
  • Gain insight into the types of malicious software used against computer networks.
  • Review attack vectors, vulnerabilities, protection mechanisms, and countermeasures.
12 Months of Access to a Recording of Your Course

We cover a lot in our Cisco courses. Our class recordings enable you to hit the playback button and review the course content or revisit a key learning point from your instructor or fellow classmate.

  • Access class recordings within four hours of each session.
  • Access and search all class materials, including slides, notes and chats.
  • Catch up if you miss a session or want to review a key point.
Unlimited Access to the Global Knowledge IT Resource Library

Access free technical content created by Global Knowledge subject matter experts.

  • Covers multiple brands and technologies
  • Features white papers and special reports.
  • Access videos and webinars.
Unlimited Access to Your Digital Courseware

Access your course materials, including updates and changes, 24/7.

  • Reference your course materials anytime.
  • Course content changes and updates are included.
  • Print, bookmark, highlight and take notes on the materials
Realize the power of the Cisco Training Exclusives.