About Rentals

Need a state of the art facility for your next training function, business meeting or client presentation? Motivaim’s room rental program offers fully wired facilities equipped to meet all of your needs. Rent a computer room or conference event by the day or by the week.

We are located in a prime location in San Jose, with easy access to major highways, local airport and high standing office buildings. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to assist you in coordinating your activity, scheduling the necessary amenities, and setting up computer images that are ideal for the delivery of your specific training needs. Whatever type of room rental you need, we have something for you!


Standard Room Rental Features

  • Environmentally controlled classrooms
  • High speed internet access (T1 connection speed)
  • Continental breakfast in the morning
  • Afternoon snack
  • Coffee, tea, water and soda all day
  • Two hours of technical setup included
  • Computers for each student
  • Instructor Computer
  • Digital Projector
  • White board and paper flip charts
  • Software and OS setup to meet your needs including your company images
  • Hardware – High capacity computers to support your requirements
  • Monitors – 17″-19″ Flat Panel Monitor

Additional features we can offer

  • Custom hardware configuration
  • Operating system – Linux, Unix or custom
  • Dedicated IT services
  • Microsoft SQL server, Sharepoint, IIS, and more server platforms
  • For more software configuration, call for details.
  • Over two hours of technical setup
  • Breakfast Catering services
  • Lunch Catering Services

2025 Gateway Place
Suite 390
San Jose, CA 95110

Customer Care: (800) 305-3855
Location Telephone: (800) 305-3855 ext 802