Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell (M10962)



Learn how to automate administrative tasks using Windows PowerShell 5.1. You will develop core scripting skills such as creating advanced functions, writing controller scripts, and handling script errors, and learn how to works with Windows PowerShell Workflow, the REST API and XML and JSON formatted data files, You will also learn how to use new administration tools such Desired State Configuration (DSC) and Just Enough Administration (JEA) to configure and secure servers.

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IT professionals who want to learn how to build their own tools for broader general use in their organization, using any Microsoft product that supports Windows PowerShell manageability

Learning Objectives

  • Create Advanced Functions
  • Use Cmdlets and Microsoft .NET Framework in Windows PowerShell
  • Write Controller Scripts
  • Handle Script Errors
  • Use XML, JSON, and custom formatted data
  • Analyze and Debugging Scripts
  • Understand Windows PowerShell Workflow