ANCISV-Advanced Designing, Developing, and Configuring CIS v1.0



In this course, you will learn about advanced features of the Cisco Information Server.


  • Data administrators
  • Solutions architects
  • Software engineers


  • General understanding of databases
  • Knowledge of SQL concepts with the ability to develop in SQL
  • Basic Windows skills
  • An understanding of Web Services

Learning Objectives

  • Connecting and transforming data
  • Procedures available with the CIS
  • Operation of security. caching, and query engine in the CIS
  • Platform experiences found with the CIS

1. Preparation

2. Advanced Connecting and Transforming Data

  • Introduction to XML Schemas
  • XML Data Sources

3. Advanced Procedures

  • Advanced SQL Scripting
  • Transformation Editor
  • Custom Java Procedures

4. Advanced Operation

  • Advanced Security
  • Advanced Caching
  • Advanced Query Engine

5. Advanced Platform Experience

  • Triggers
  • Transaction Handling
  • Advanced Troubleshooting