Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Master Class



This exclusive Global Knowledge Master Class has an innovative �learn by doing� approach that takes you through targeted discussions, specific exercises, and hands-on learning to advance the skills you need to architect a successful Azure solution. Led by senior Azure experts, this workshop is conducted at an accelerated pace and has extended hours to provide you with the opportunity to design, develop, and implement solutions using Azure.

During the day, you will cover objectives addressing Azure Resource Management, secure resources, and Azure Compute Infrastructure as well as the design of advanced applications and Azure Web and Mobile Apps. In the evening, you will reinforce what was learned by solving unique and complex challenges. In each challenge, you will be responsible for preparing, designing, implementing, and presenting your solution to your peers.

Additionally, this course will assist in your Microsoft 70-534 exam preparation as the challenges tie in specific exam objectives. You will receive the exam voucher required for certification along with one free retake voucher if needed. It also includes access to our Microsoft Boot Camp Exclusives, which provide indispensable certification exam prep

Please note: This is not an introductory course, and it is incumbent all students meet the stated pre-requisites.


Microsoft Azure intermediate to advanced IT professionals or developers who are interested in expanding their Microsoft Azure solution design skills


Due to the accelerated pace and immersive nature of this course, it is imperative students have a complete understanding and practical experience in applying the following skills:�

  • Create and manage Azure Resource Manager virtual machines
  • Design and implement a storage and data strategy
  • Manage identity, application, and network services
  • Design and implement Azure PaaS compute and web and mobile services
  • Implement an Azure Active Directory
  • Implement virtual networks
  • Design and deploy ARM templates�

Or attendance in one (preferably both) of the courses listed below

Learning Objectives

  • Azure Resource Networking
  • Load Balancing
  • Disaster recovery options in Azure
  • Design a scalable, highly available web app
  • High-performance computing (HPC) using Azure services
  • Azure Batch for scalable processing
  • Storage options for data
  • Azure Active Directory (AD) integration
  • Built-in Azure capabilities

1. Design Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Networking

  • Network components
  • Load balancing � Including tiers
  • Network security groups
  • User defined routes
  • Gateways � Including tiers

2. Architect an Azure Compute Infrastructure

  • Availability sets
  • Relationship between VMs, networking, and storage (regional limitations)
  • ARM templates
  • ARM template functions

3. Design a Business Continuity Strategy

  • Disaster recovery options in Azure
  • Azure site recovery
  • SC-DPM integration
  • On-site back up options

4. Design Azure Web and Mobile Apps

  • App service plan tiers
  • Web Apps scaling
  • Web jobs
  • Mobile services
  • Mobile offline sync

5. Design Advanced Applications � Part I: Design Complex Enterprise Solutions

  • High performance computing IaaS and PaaS options
  • Connecting to on-premises � Service Bus Relay
  • Connecting platform to on-premises � Hybrid connections and Web App VPN
  • Azure IoT � Event hub, stream analytics, IoT hub
  • Machine learning and big data
  • Azure Media Services
  • Azure Search Service

6. Design Advanced Applications� Part II: Design Highly Scalable Solutions

  • Azure Batch
  • Azure Scheduler
  • Web jobs
  • Function apps
  • Queue-centric applications

7. Design an Application Storage and Data Access Strategy

  • Storage options � storage account, No SQL options, SQL options
  • DocumentDB basics
  • Table storage options
  • Relational data � SQL Server and MySQL
  • SQL server security
  • Blob storage vs. FileShare
  • Storage account security � policy and SAS
  • Storage API

8. Secure Resources

  • Azure AD key concepts
  • Azure AD integration � Azure AD connect and ADFS
  • Azure AD integration � enterprise applications
  • Azure federation � B2C and external providers
  • Data security in transit
  • Data security at rest
  • RBAC
  • Azure security center

9. Design a Management and Monitoring Strategy

  • Identify the Microsoft products and services for monitoring Azure solutions
  • Leverage built-in Azure capabilities
  • Identify third-party monitoring tools, including open source
  • Analyze logs by using the Azure Operations Management Suite