Articulate Storyline



Articulate Storyline is the top-of-the line e-Learning creation software. You’ll learn to create sophisticated, interactive e-Learning presentations that utilize audio, video, web delivery, and branching presentations to best suit your users.  Articulate Storyline also creates content that seamlessly connects with LMS systems, whether SCORM or AICC.

The Articulate Storyline courses stand out because we’re concerned with more than just showing you how to work Articulate. We want you to make great e-Learning. That’s why we teach e-Learning specific learning theory, as well as design guidelines for clean design.

Module 1: Getting Started

  • What is Articulate Storyline?
  • Planning your Storyline Project
  • Screen Size
  • Importing from PowerPoint
  • Important e-Learning and publishing terms
  • Adding Slides
  • Adding Text
  • Adding Images
  • Adding Characters
  • Adding a Screen Shot
  • Guidelines for Clean Design
  • Previewing Your Course

Module 2: The Storyline Interface

  • Working with Slide Triggers
  • Adding a Button
  • Adding Hotspots
  • Insert Audio
  • Record Audio
  • Edit Audio
  • Working with the Timeline
  • Slide Transitions
  • Slide Master and Feedback Master
  • Project Templates

Module 3: Content, Demos, Simulations, and Quizzes

  • Adding Video
  • Adding Flash
  • Adding a Web object
  • Screen Recording options
  • Hardware – Microphone and Speakers
  • Creating Demos for Viewing
  • Creating Interactive Simulations and Assessments
  • Editing Interactive Simulations
  • Quizzing
  • Adding a Multiple Choice Question
  • Feedback boxes
  • Drag and Drop interactions
  • Building a Pick one Question
  • Building a Question Bank

Module 4: Publishing from Storyline

  • Player Options
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Adding Resources
  • Publishing Options Overview
  • SCORM vs AICC vs Tin Can
  • Output to Web
  • Output to LMS
  • Output to HTML5 for web and iPad
  • Output to Word
  • Output to CD/DVD
  • Sending to Articulate Online

Module 5: Instructional Design and Branching Presentations

  • Instructional Design for e-Learning
  • Scripting for e-Learning
  • Using Cue Points on the Timeline
  • Interactive Scenarios
  • Building Logic in Storyline
  • Branching presentations

Module 6: Advanced Interaction

  • Building Freeform Interactions (drag and drop)
  • Using Project Variables
  • Building Interactivity with Slide Layers
  • Object States
  • Insert Progress Slides
  • Reference Variables to Provide Progress Feedback
  • Use JavaScript with Storyline
  • Video Captions and Cue Points
  • Use the Tin Can API