AS ABAP - Performance Analysis (ADM315v15)



In this course, you will learn about performance monitoring and tuning of SAP systems based on AS ABAP.

This course is based on software release EHP7 FOR ERP 6.0.


  • System administrator
  • Technology consultant
  • Program / project manager


  • Basic knowledge of operating systems and databases

Learning Objectives

  • Internal processing of user requests within AS ABAP-based SAP system
  • Find critical performance bottlenecks
  • Tune components of an SAP system

1. Introduction to Workload Analysis

  • Components of a Dialog Step
  • Analyzing Statistical Records and Data Information Flow

2. Performance Analysis Monitors

  • Monitoring System Performance
  • Implementing Dynamic Work Processes
  • Analyzing ICM Performance

3. SAP Memory Management

  • Identifying the Memory Areas Used in SAP Systems
  • Memory Usage in SAP Systems
  • Implementing SAP Extended Memory

4. Hardware Capacity Verification

  • Identifying Hardware Bottlenecks
  • Optimizing Hardware Utilization

5. Expensive SQL Statements

  • Detecting Expensive SQL Statements
  • Tuning Expensive SQL Statements

6. SAP Table Buffering

  • Table Buffer Usage in SAP Systems
  • Analyzing Table Buffering Performance Issues

7. RFC Monitoring

  • Identifying the Basics of Remote Function Calls
  • Monitoring RFC Loads