Avaya Aura System Manager Administration R7



This course is designed for individuals who use Avaya Aura System Manager to administer the Communication Manager and Session Manager products.

  • Pre-Sales and Sales Engineers
  • Integration Specialists
  • Tech Support Engineers
  • Anyone who needs to understand how System Manager is used to administer the Communication Manager and Session Manager products
The following courses are designed to help you gain the pre-requisite knowledge needed prior to taking this course.
Learning Objectives
Through a combination of lectures and hands-on labs, you will learn how to:
  • Log into Avaya Aura� System Manager (SMGR)
  • Change an administrator�s password and program security policies
  • Use SMGR as a License Server
  • Add, edit, and delete System Manager users
  • Program SMGR Groups and Roles
  • Program the Session Manager Instance
  • Program SIP Entities and Entity Links
  • Program Routing Policies, Dial Patterns, Adaptations, and Regular Expressions
  • Register a SIP Client
  • Add, edit, and delete stations in Communication Manager (CM)
  • Program the signaling link between CM and an Avaya Media Server
  • Program SIP Trunks between CM and Session Manager
  • Route SIP calls between Session Manager and CM
  • Route SIP calls between two CM systems
  • Add off PBX stations in CM
  • Program CM as an Application
  • Program an Application Sequence
  • Display and view alarms in SMGR
  • Create SMGR and CM Backups
  • Program Call Admission Control parameters in Session Manager
  • Avaya Aura� 7 Overview
  • Basic System Manager Administration
  • The Session Manager (SM) Instance
  • Managing Communication Manager (CM) in System Manager
  • Administering Features on CM
  • Routing Policies and Dial Patterns in SM
  • Adaptations and Regular Expressions in SM
  • Routes and Dial Plans in CM
  • Server Maintenance Alarms and Logs
  • Call Admission Control