Business Outcomes Selling Program



The Business Outcome Selling Program is designed for technology sales professionals who need to engage and enable customers undergoing digital transformation. This program supports you in building a business-driven view of the customer. You will learn about stakeholder interaction and management, alignment of digital solutions to customer needs with a focus on business acumen, as well as how to calculate and articulate the consumption-based economics benefits associated with digital business.


  • Account managers
  • Sales leads
  • Pre-sales managers
  • Business development managers


An understanding of selling technology solutions

Learning Objectives

  • Assess the organization to uncover digital transformation opportunities
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis to identify the appropriate people to engage with
  • Create a stakeholder engagement plan, including engagement strategy
  • Develop a targeted set of stakeholders questions
  • Determine the organizations business requirements
  • Build a customer focused digital solutions and financial business case

1. Introduction and Context

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Background and context
  • Drivers and opportunity for digital business transformation

2. Customer Business Analysis

  • Capture and document the customer current state
  • Identify customer digital transformation opportunities and requirements

3. Stakeholder Management

  • Relevant stakeholders
  • Create a stakeholder engagement plan�

4. Business and IT Alignment

  • Facilitate business driving IT
  • Facilitate IT enabling the business
  • Align digital solutions to customer needs�

5. Business Acumen

  • Calculate and articulate the consumption based economics
  • Develop a customer focused digital solutions and financial business case

6. Ongoing Support

  • On demand enablement
  • Digital tools and applications
  • Access to community and subject matter expert (SME)