CLDINF - Implementing and Troubleshooting the Cisco Cloud Infrastructure v1.0



This course is on the curriculum path leading to the Cisco Certified Cloud Professional certification. It is designed to prepare data center engineers with the knowledge and hands-on experience to implement and troubleshooting Cisco cloud infrastructure.


  • Cloud computing
  • Data center engineers


  • An understanding of network, compute, and storage fundamentals
  • CCNA Cloud certification or equivalent knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Cisco Data Center technologies and equipment
  • Basic knowledge of VMware data center concepts
  • Attending the following Cisco courses (or equivalent experience) is highly recommended, in order to fully benefit from this course

Learning Objectives

  • Major components of the cloud infrastructure
  • Implement and troubleshoot the computing, storage, and network components in the cloud
  • Troubleshoot cloud environments that consist of multiple components

1. Cloud Infrastructure Overview

  • Cloud Physical Infrastructure
  • Cloud Virtual Infrastructure and Software Components
  • Setting Up Hypervisor
  • Module Summary
  • Module Self-Check

2. Cloud Infrastructure Computing Component

  • Implementing Computing Infrastructure
  • Using Cisco UCS as a Cloud Compute Platform
  • Troubleshooting Compute Infrastructure
  • Module Summary
  • Module Self-Check

3. Cloud Infrastructure Storage Component

  • Implementing Cloud Storage
  • Configuring Storage Access on Hosts
  • Troubleshooting Cloud Storage Infrastructure
  • Module Summary
  • Module Self-Check

4. Cloud Infrastructure Network Component

  • Implementing Physical Network for the Cloud
  • Implementing a Virtual Network for the Cloud
  • Configuring Network Access on Hosts
  • Troubleshooting Cloud Network Infrastructure
  • Module Summary
  • Module Self-Check

5. Troubleshoot Multiple Components

  • Troubleshooting Cloud Infrastructure
  • Module Summary
  • Module Self-Check