Conflict Management



Sooner or later, you'll have to deal with conflict on work teams. Effectively managing that conflict is vital to your team's success. In this course, you'll learn about ways to minimize unhealthy conflict and methods for resolving it when it does occur. You'll also find out about conflict resolution methods and when to best use them.

Virtual short courses do not include materials or headsets.


All professionals

Learning Objectives

  • The common causes and effects of unhealthy conflict
  • How to prevent unhealthy conflict
  • Steps for reducing conflict among your team when it does occur
  • Techniques for resolving conflict

1. Introduction

  • Conflict Is...
  • Typical Reactions to Conflict
  • The Importance of Managing Conflict
  • Issues that May Result in Conflict
  • Effects of Poorly Managed Conflict

2. Conflict and Communication

  • Poor Communication
  • Communication Styles
  • Communication Factors

3. Understanding Personal Needs

  • Personal Needs Wheel
  • Six Personal Needs

4. Preventing Unhealthy Conflict

  • Know Your Team
  • Be an Active Listener
  • Foster Teamwork

5. Identifying and Acknowledging Conflict

  • Identifying, Acknowledging, and Understanding Conflict
  • Asking Questions to Understand

6. Dealing with Conflict

  • How Do You Deal with Conflict?
  • ABC's of Responding to Conflict
  • Resolving the Conflict
  • Shifting from 'BUT' to 'AND'
  • Facts, Episodes, Feelings
  • Reframing
  • The Four-Step Feedback Loop