Creating Effective Presentations



Preparing and delivering a presentation may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. In this course, you'll learn the basics of preparing, designing, and giving presentations that will stick with your audience. You'll explore the importance of knowing your audience and purpose. You'll also learn how to organize and structure a presentation and tips for designing visual aids that can enhance it. Finally, you'll receive public speaking tips to help you feel more confident about presenting to an audience.

Virtual short courses do not include materials or headsets.


  • All professionals

Learning Objectives

  • The difference between speeches and presentations
  • The importance of tailoring your presentation to your audience
  • The benefits of keeping your message simple
  • How to structure your presentation so it will resonate with your audience
  • Design tips for slides or other visual aids
  • Tips and best practices for delivering your presentation

1. Introduction

  • Speeches vs. Presentations
  • Difference between Facilitation and Presentation

2. Audience and Purpose

  • Preparation Is the First Key to Success
  • Identify Your Audience
  • Know Your Purpose
  • Determine the Duration

3. Content

  • Choose Your Topic
  • Research Your Topic Thoroughly
  • Keep Your Message Simple and Short
  • Organize Your Presentation
  • Prepare an Outline
  • Create a Logical Flow
  • Build in Overviews and Repetition

4. Design

  • Keep Visual Aids Simple
  • Use Color to Your Advantage
  • Use the Right Fonts
  • Limit Text on Slides
  • Use Charts and Graphs Effectively
  • Use High-Quality Graphics

5. Present

  • Public Speaking Tips
  • PowerPoint Tips

6. Best Practices

  • Presentation Best Practices
  • Visual Aids Best Practices