Data Archiving (BIT660v62)



In this course, you will learn about data archiving, including how to plan, implement, and execute within your SAP solution. Examples based on frequently used archiving objects are provided in this course.�

This course is based on software release ERP ECC 6.0.


  • Project managers
  • Project team members
  • System administrators

Learning Objectives

  • How data archiving is used to reduce database tables within your SAP solution
  • Demonstrate the data archiving concept
  • Implement a data archiving project

What is data archiving and when is it necessary?

  • The archiving process
  • The archiving object
  • Customizing of archiving objects
  • Determining the data to be archived
  • Scheduling and administering archiving sessions
  • Using third-party storage media
  • Accessing archived data
  • Archive information system
  • Document Relationship Browser
  • Setting up an archiving project