Design Studio 1.6 Advanced Training (BOD320v6)



Learn advanced aspects of application design in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio like Maps, Online Composition, Performance optimization, and many more. Course based on software release SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.6.


  • Project team members
  • Application consultants

Learning Objectives

You will learn how to perform advanced application development in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

1. Creating and Using Maps for Geo-Reporting

2. Setting Up Bookmarking Scenarios to Build Up an Online Composition Use Case

  • Bookmark
  • Fragment Bookmark
  • Portable Fragment Bookmark

3. Learn about Performance Relevant Settings and How to Analyze Performance

  • Processing Groups
  • Variable Merge / Unmerge
  • Background Processing
  • Best Practices

4. Complex Scripting Scenarios

  • Generic data source selection
  • Multiple selections in charts and crosstabs