Designing Cisco RF Networks


Description This 3-day course includes everything you’ll need to know regarding Wi-Fi Mesh RF Design. In three days of intense training, students will learn how to design, install, and maintain a wireless mesh network and troubleshoot RF issues on their wireless mesh network. In an in-class case study, they will gain experience designing the RF network for a sample mesh-served community, engineering the client access layer, the mesh layer, and the backhaul layer. The use of EDX Signal Pro software will lead the attendee through a basic RF Mesh design and layout.

Who should attend

Sales and Field engineers that are involved in designing and implementing wireless mesh networks; also Cisco partners wishing to obtain the Advanced Technology Partner 2.0 Certification. Customers, VARs, Integrators who are attempting to learn about RF design concepts and needs within a Mesh Network.


A basic understanding of PC hardware configurations and networking business drivers are both required. Some basic understanding of 802.11 standards and Wi-Fi systems is also expected.

Course Objectives

Principles of Wireless Mesh Networks

  • Overview of Wi-Fi Mesh Networks
  • Wi-Fi Mesh Components
  • Wi-Fi Mesh Routing Approaches
  • 802.11 protocols review

Basic RF for Wi-Fi Mesh Design

  • Basics Review
  • Modulation and Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • Antenna Basics
  • The Propagation Environment
  • Basic Link Budgets
  • Modeling the RF Channel

Wi-Fi Mesh Network Design

  • Determining the Mesh Point Count
  • Wi-Fi Mesh Radio Types
  • Mounting the Mesh Points
  • RF Design Cost Considerations
  • Wi-Fi Mesh Design Concerns
  • Technologies for Enhancing Coverage and Capacity

Propagation Modeling of Mesh Networks

  • Using the tools, using EDX Signal Pro® software

The Business Case and Case Study

  • RF Design Cost Considerations
  • Wi-Fi Mesh Design Case Study