Designing Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Solutions


Description DMPS is a three-day instructor-led technical course that reviews and enforces the system architecture of MeetingPlace and how those components integrate into an enterprise network. Use of the MeetingPlace Configuration Tool and other tools in case studies and design scenarios will be emphasized to create solutions that meet common customer MeetingPlace deployment requirements.

Who should attend

  • Channel Partner / Reseller
  • Customer
  • Employee


Attendees should have completed the self-paced Cisco MeetingPlace Product Overview course. Have hands-on experience with MeetingPlace from having attended the following on-line courses:

  • "CMBU" - Cisco MeetingPlace Basic User (90-minute Web-based)
  • "CMAD" - Cisco MeetingPlace System Administrator (90-minute, web-based)

Course Objectives

To provide learners with skills to successfully design Cisco's rich-media conferencing solution appropriate for integration into a customer enterprise network:

  • Identify MeetingPlace features, capacities and requirements to consider when planning a comprehensive.
  • Identify customer application, network, user and conferencing requirement factors to consider when planning a MeetingPlace rollout.
  • Design a highly available, comprehensive MeetingPlace deployment plan, given specific customer environments and requirements.