Docker Security



In this course, you will learn about important security features and best practices to protect your containerized services. Designed to be inclusive of multiple roles, this course is appropriate for all team members who are hands-on with Docker, including developers, operations personnel, DevOps, and architects. Completion of the Docker for Enterprise Operations �course is strongly recommended prior to attending.


Developers, operators, system administrators, network administrators, and IT security professionals with a strong understanding of Docker technologies desiring a deep understanding of securing Docker environments at scale in an enterprise environment.


Learn the advanced features of Docker Enterprise Edition.

Learning Objectives

  • Security features of the Docker platform
  • Issues to consider when implementing Docker Security
  • Deploy with add-on Docker security features and tools
  • Current best practices to secure your Docker content
  • Implement secure user management and access

  1. Overview of Docker Security
  2. Isolation: Kernel Namespaces and Control Groups
  3. User Management
  4. Intra-Platform Communication
  5. Networks
  6. Image Construction and Scanning
  7. Content Trust
  8. Capabilities
  9. Seccomp
  10. Linux Security Modules