Dreamweaver CS6: Part 1 - Building Basic Websites


Description This course is designed for novice web designers, web developers, website designers, and graphic artists with some programming background who need to build simple websites using Adobe Dreamweaver. In this course, you will create web pages while focusing on the content, styling, and design.

This course is most valuable for individuals who have been given responsibilities to create or maintain a website. It will also be valuable for new web designers, web developers, and graphic artists who want to extend their skills in creating complete websites.

To ensure success in this course, you should have basic personal computing skills and be comfortable navigating the Web. For accelerated learning and deeper understanding of this course, it is also recommended that you have some exposure to various web design technologies, so you may also want to take Web Design Using XHTML, HTML & CSS: Level 1.

Learning Objectives
Course topics include:

  • Getting Started with Dreamweaver
  • Creating a Website
  • Creating Web Pages
  • Using CSS
  • Inserting Images
  • Inserting Tables and Importing Content
  • Creating Reusable Site Assets
  • Linking Web Pages
  • Sending or uploading the Website to the Web Server