Essential MEAN Stack Development



MongoDB Express AngularJS and Node.js. (MEAN) is an opinionated fullstack JavaScript framework that simplifies and accelerates web application development.

Note: You are required to bring your own laptop.


  • Software developers who want to learn how to leverage this powerful and modern web stack


  • JavaScript, HTML, and CSS experience
  • General database experience
  • No experience is assumed with Node.js, MongoDB, NoSQL, or AngularJS

Learning Objectives

  • Technologies that are central to the MEAN stack toolset
  • How MEAN embraces JavaScript end-to-end using MongoDB for the data layer, Node.js and Express for the server, and AngularJS for client-side applications

1. Node.js

  • Get to Know Node.js
  • Explore Core Node.js Building Blocks
  • Use Third-Party Packages with NPM

2. MongoDB

  • Introduction to NoSQL and MongoDB
  • Shell and Native Commands
  • Persist Data in MongoDB with Mongoose

3. Express

  • Build a Web Application with Express
  • Authenticate and Authorize Your Users with Passport
  • Communicate in Real-Time with Socket.IO

4. AngularJS

  • AngularJS Introduction
  • Services and Factories
  • AngularJS and Ajax

5. Bringing It Together

  • Using Routing to Create SPAs
  • Deploy and Maintain Your Application