Essential Python



The Python language has been emerging as a very powerful, flexible, and simple programming tool for building all manner of applications. Maybe you're one of the many developers looking get started with Python. If so, then this hands-on language course is just the thing for you.

Note: You are required to bring your own laptop.


Developers who need to be effective with Python immediately after the course


  • Experience with a programming language, preferably a C-based language

Note: No Python knowledge assumed.

Learning Objectives

  • Install Python and writing basic scripts
  • Language features needed in all applications
  • Advanced functionality such as OO Python, the Pyramid web framework, MongoDB, and Data API
  • Unit testing, debugging, and multi-threaded parallel code in Python

1. Introduction to Python

2. Language Basics

3. Working with Basic Types and Collections

4. Functions

5. Classes

6. Error Handling

7. File I/O

8. Iterator Zen

9. Pythonic / Idiomatic Python

10. Web Applications in Python (Pyramid)

11. Database Access via SQLAlchemy (ORM model)

12. Database Access (NoSQL / MongoDB)

13. Building Redistributables (Modules and Packages)

14. Debugging and Unit Testing Python