Giving Effective Feedback



Providing effective feedback is vital for improving individual performance and team success, yet many leaders fail to provide their team with effective, meaningful feedback.

In this course, you'll learn how to prepare for a feedback session, how to describe the behavior you wish to see change or improve, and how to ensure the recipient understood your message. You'll also learn how and when to best provide feedback, how to conduct a feedback session, and steps for controlling difficult emotions that may arise in response to feedback.

Virtual short courses do not include materials or headsets.


All professionals

Learning Objectives

  • What constitutes effective feedback
  • Tips for preparing a feedback session
  • How to structure feedback based on the four-step feedback model
  • How to conduct a feedback session
  • Tips for using active listening to ensure your feedback was received

1. Feedback

  • What Is Feedback?
  • Communicating Feedback Is a Two-Way Process
  • Characteristics of Effective Feedback
  • When and How Often to Provide Feedback

2. Preparing Feedback

  • Before the Feedback Session
  • Describing Behavior
  • Feedback Model

3. Delivering Feedback

  • During the Feedback Session
  • Reception of Your Feedback
  • The Importance of Listening
  • Rules for Effective Listening
  • Dealing with Negative Responses to Feedback