IBM Certified Solution Architect - SoftLayer: Certification Prep



This course is a comprehensive review of SoftLayer concepts and covers the three objectives of the IBM SoftLayer Solution Architect V1 exam. You will gain knowledge in uncommon topics to further prepare you for certification.�

This half-day course is taught as an interactive discussion including instructor lecture, demos, and self-study.


  • Anyone whose job role requires the IBM Certified Solution Architect � SoftLayer Certification
  • Business Partners seeking to achieve or maintain membership levels (silver, gold, and platinum)
  • Individuals who analyze, design, architect, and demonstrate IBM SoftLayer infrastructure

Learning Objectives

In-depth coverage of the three objectives required to pass the IBM SoftLayer Solution Architect V1 exam (C5050-101)

Section 1 - General

  • Identify Solution Design Principles and Best Practices
  • Private Cloud - VMWare and HyperVisor
  • Build and Deploy New Servers Using Image Templates
  • Determine When to Use Specific APIs
  • Tools for Configuration Management
  • How, When, and Where to Use Auto-Scaling�

Section 2 - Network

  • Given a scenario, determine How Vyatta Fits into the SoftLayer Solution
  • How Netscaler Fits into the SoftLayer Solution
  • How Fortigate Fits into the SoftLayer Solution
  • How to utilize Advanced Networking Topics to Enhance the SoftLayer Solution
  • How and When to Use Direct Link�

Section 3 - Storage

  • Determine How Quantastor Fits into the SoftLayer Solution
  • Usage of Object Storage / CDN /CleverSafe
  • How and When to Use Endurance Storage Solution Guidance

1. Cloud Platform Services�

2. SoftLayer Infrastructure data Centers Options

  • Data Center�
  • Infrastructure Management System (IMS)
  • API for more control, increased productivity, and security

3. Overview: Compute Servers

  • Server instances
  • Private cloud on SoftLayer�
  • Hybrid cloud on SoftLayer�
  • VMware implementation into SoftLayer Infrastructure�
  • Standard and flex images

4. Networking

  • SoftLayer Infrastructure global network�
  • SoftLayer Data Centers Networks�
  • Managing user access�
  • Production data transfers

5. Firewalls in SoftLayer

  • Operating System level firewall�
  • Multitenant firewall�
  • Dedicated hardware firewall�
  • FortiGate Security Appliance (FSA)
  • Vyatta (Brocade vRouter)

6. Load Balancers

  • SoftLayer LLB�
  • NetScaler�
  • SoftLayer Infrastructure GSLB functionality

7. Auto Scale

  • Attributes�
  • Load balancing and Auto Scale Resiliency advantages�
  • Security advantages�
  • Configuring Auto Scale�
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)�

8. Storage�

  • Boot storage�
  • Cloud storage�
  • File storage�
  • Storage configuration options�
  • Object Storage�

9. QuantaStor�