IBM Cognos ICM: Building Reports (v.9.0)



IBM Cognos ICM: Build Reports (v9.0) is designed for professional report authors to learn report building techniques using ICM to enhance, customize, and manage professional reports. Attendees will participate in interactive Demos and Workshops that illustrate key concepts while learning how to use the product.


Report Authors

 Overview of IBM Cognos ICM
 Sample Outdoors Company model overview
 Overview of ICM reports
 Creating Presenter report templates
 Displaying data in columns and rows
 Filtering Presenter report data
 Using process lists to test Presenter reports
 Displaying single values
 Linking Presenter reports
 Adding computed columns and rows
 Row form sources and editable data grids
 Using Workflow Manager
 Displaying charts and gauges
 Adding maps
 Using Web Forms
 Tailored Reports and Compensation Plans
 Enabling Reports for Web viewing