IBM Datacap 9.0.1 -Datacap Administration



This course shows you how to administer and maintain an IBM Datacap system. This course covers topics including virtual stations, queueing of tasks, disaster recovery, DB2 database configuration, globalization, and event logs.


  • Administrators responsible for administering and maintaining Datacap system
  • Individuals needing to know the Datacap system administration and maintenance

Learning Objectives

  • Create shortcuts for Web Client tasks
  • Configure store and queue by options
  • Identify disaster recovery concepts
  • Migrate data from Access to DB2 database
  • Configure application globalization
  • Synchronize job monitor and batch folders for system maintenance
  • Create and configure a maintenance manager application
  • Configure event logs

1. Create Shortcuts to Web Clients Tasks

  • Shortcuts for Datacap Web Client
  • Task Shortcut Configuration
  • Datacap Web Components

2. Virtual Stations and Queuing of Tasks

  • Understand Queuing of Batches
  • Queue by Field Options
  • Store Field Option
  • Datacap Web Interface for task options

3. Disaster Recovery

  • Backup and Restore Strategy
  • Backup and Restore for Stateless Servers
  • Backup and Restore the Datacap Server
  • Backup the Database Server
  • Backup the File Share

4. Configure DB2 Server

  • Supported Databases
  • Database Conversion Prerequisites
  • Define the Database Structure
  • Migrate the Application and Databases
  • Configuring the Application to use the Database

5. Application Globalization

  • Levels of globalization
  • Application level globalization
  • Datacap Desktop Translations
  • Datacap Navigator Translations
  • Resources.json translation keys
  • Validation ruleset and message

6. System Maintenance

  • Routine maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance

7. Maintenance Manager

  • What can Maintenance Manager do and what are its uses?
  • Maintenance Manager run methods
  • Create a Maintenance Manager application
  • Maintenance Manager action categories
  • Procedure to auto delete batches

8. Event Logs

  • Identify Logs
  • Control log content
  • Maintenance Manager actions for logging
  • Maintain Event Logs
  • Datacap Logs locations