IBM PureData System for Analytics Programming and Usage



This course is designed to give you an overview of the IBM PureData System for Analytics (PDA) N1001, N2001, and N3001 appliance architecture and provide a working knowledge and understanding of the PDA SQL and development features as well as development best practices. It includes content and labs on the features introduced in NPS 7 including full schema support. The lab environment is an N2002-005 physical appliance.

An on-demand�version of this course is also available (2W585G).


Application developers and data warehouse analysts who want to develop applications for the IBM PureData System for Analytics (PDA) N1001 and N2001 and N3001 appliance.


  • Working knowledge of UNIX or Linux
  • Experience with shell scripting, VI editing, and basic SQL.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop SQL applications
  • Know how to use various ETL/ELT tools
  • Create databases, tables and schemas
  • Determine distribution methods
  • Set up Clustered Base Tables
  • Load and unload tables
  • Generate statistics
  • Analyze query plans
  • Create materialized views
  • Reclaim unused disk space
  • Program stored procedures