IBM Spectrum Protect 7.1.4 Implementation and Administration



IBM Spectrum Protect 7.1.4, formerly known as IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, is a data backup and recovery solution designed to help you manage your data retention, reduce the cost of storage, and provide appropriate recovery point objectives to meet any service level agreement. IBM Spectrum Protect offers improved efficiency and flexibility through the use of object-based data management and policy driven retention.

This five-day course will focus on implementation and basic administration of a Spectrum Protect environment. The hands-on lab exercises are performed on a Windows 2012 environment. The course materials includes examples of AIX and Linux commands, when different from windows.


This lecture and exercise-based course is for implementers and administrators who are new to IBM Spectrum Protect/Tivoli Storage Manager data management.

Learning Objectives

  • Purpose of IBM Spectrum Protect
  • Install and configure the IBM Spectrum Protect components
  • Use the administrative and client interfaces
  • Storage methodology options and create storage pool
  • Manage the database and recovery log space
  • Customize data movement and retention policies to meet business requirements
  • Optimize client configuration
  • Perform backup, restore, archive and retrieve operations
  • Organize daily tasks required� to protect the Spectrum Protect environment
  • Automate and monitor client and administrative tasks and events

Course Outline:

  1. IBM Spectrum Protect overview
  2. Installing IBM Spectrum Protect
  3. Accessing Spectrum Protect administrative and client interfaces
  4. Configuring devices and storage pools
  5. Managing the database and recovery logs
  6. Customizing data retention
  7. Configuring the client
  8. Protecting client data
  9. Protecting the database and storage pools
  10. Automating and monitoring operations