IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center 5.2.3 Cognos Reporting



Learn to create Cognos reports in the Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Web-based GUI. The course also covers Cognos configuration to email your reports and export them to file systems.


This intermediate-level course is designed for storage administrators.


You should understand storage virtualization, SAN management, and zoning.

Learning Objectives

  • Generate the predefined reports in the web-based GUI
  • Use Query Studio in the web-based GUI to create new reports
  • Define schedules to automate reports
  • Define output formats
  • Connect your Cognos server to a second TPCDB database
  • Restore deleted reporting packages

  • Introduction to Tivoli Cognos reporting
  • Query Studio
  • Customizing Cognos
  • Multiple server access for Tivoli Common Reporting
  • Restoring deleted predefined reports