Introduction to Salesforce for Sales


Description This online class is delivered by a live instructor and is specifically designed to teach sales people the basics of Salesforce. The instructor will focus on the key features a sales person can use to immediately become effective with Salesforce.

A student in this class will learn how to manage leads, accounts, contacts and opportunities. In addition, the instructor will show students the basics of activity management and how to utilize Salesforce to effectively review and plan your day. Finally, the student will learn how to use list views and run reports.

Sales people with little or no experience with Salesforce or those wanting a refresher on how to effectively manage activities within Salesforce.


  • Introductions / Login to Training Orgs
  • Overview of Salesforce for sales
  • Working with Leads
  • Working with Accounts
  • Working with Contacts
  • Working with Opportunities
  • Working with Activities
  • Working with Reports
  • Question & Answers