Introduction to Storage



This course will cover basic elements of storage concepts and storage solutions, RAID technology, and connectivity. This course will also cover the concept of high availability and business continuity planning for disaster recovery as well as discuss the concept of storage virtualization and its many benefits.� In addition, this course will highlight the IBM Storage system solutions of disks, flash systems and tape designed for all types of business needs. We also cover the SAN family to help maintain continuity, and IBM Spectrum Suite of software for managing data storage include storage solutions for the Cloud.

Participants of this course will include personnel who have the desire to learn about storage and IBM related storage products.
Learning Objectives
  • Summarize the units associated with the Introduction to Storage course
  • Recall the essentials of disk storage
  • Outline the continuity plans to maintain high availability and data protection in storage solutions
  • Restate the concepts of the storage virtualization
  • Differentiate the types of the disk/all-flash storage solutions
  • Compare the types of the tape storage solutions
  • Distinguish between storage connectivity options
  • Differentiate between the features of the Spectrum Storage Suite of software
  • Clarify the various Cloud storage considerations
Unit 1: Course Overview Unit 2: Essentials of storage Unit 3: Data Protection and High Availability Unit 4: Storage Virtualization Unit 5: IBM System Storage Disk Systems and Flash Based Systems Unit 6: IBM System Storage Tape Systems Unit 7: IBM System Storage SAN Family Overview Unit 8: IBM Storage and Cloud Unit 9: IBM Spectrum Storage