IPWSP-NE - Introducing Python and Web Services Programmability for Network Engineers v1.0



In this course, you will learn about the interoperability of Python programming with networking to prepare next-generation engineers for software defined networking. This class is designed for network engineers and administrators looking to add necessary programming skills in preparation for various ACI and SDN technologies.


  • Network administrators, engineers, and operations technicians
  • Individuals interested in learning about programming


  • Solid understanding of networking protocols, routing, and switching
  • CCNA certification and experience with Cisco routers and switches is recommended but not required

Learning Objectives

  • Basic and advanced Python terminologies
  • Python script errors
  • Pull and reconfigure networking devices using Python scripts
  • RESTful API utilizing JSON and XML

1. Basic Constructs

  • Strings
  • Printing
  • Variables
  • Built-In Methods
  • Input from Users
  • Boolean Expressions

2. Advanced Constructs

  • Redundant Scripts
  • Functions
  • Classes

3. Scaling Python

  • Reading Files Scripts
  • Writing to File Scripts
  • Substituting Strings and integers
  • While Loops
  • For Loops and Lists
  • Slicing
  • Updating and Edit a List
  • Error Checking

4. Dictionaries and Regular Expressions

  • Dictionaries
  • Delete Dictionaries
  • Dictionaries with Lists
  • Regular Expressions (match, search, findall, sub)

5. XML and JSON

  • XML Format
  • JSON Format
  • XML
  • JSON

6. What is an XML Schema?

  • SOAP
  • CURL with a Web Based Application
  • SOAP Exchange with a Web based Application
  • REST with a Web Based Application

7. Putting It All Together

  • Python Principles with a SOAP Client
  • Python Principles with REST and WSDL
  • Native Python Modules