KCS℠ Foundation



Organizations that leverage knowledge and manage it effectively can reduce costly mistakes, accelerate the implementation of new ideas, and eliminate redundant work. A thriving knowledge management program, one that successfully captures, structures, and reuses information, is a vital component of top-performing companies and often provides them with a competitive advantage.

In this course, you will learn the knowledge management best practices and fundamental concepts of the Knowledge-Centered Support (KCSsm) methodology. This course can be used to build internal support for a new knowledge management initiative.


This certification is for those individuals who want to demonstrate that they understand KCS practices and how they provide value. This certification ensures a consistent understanding of the KCS methodology for everyone in the organization.

KCS is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.


  • Technical support or business professionals who want a fundamental understanding of the benefits and processes associated with Knowledge-Centered Support
  • Individuals who are preparing for the KCS Foundation certification

Learning Objectives

  • Knowledge management best practices
  • Knowledge-Centered Support concepts and methodology
  • Value and benefits of Knowledge-Centered Support

1. What is Knowledge-Centered Support and Why Do We Need It?

  • The History of Knowledge-Centered Support
  • The Concepts of KCS
  • The Benefits of KCS
  • Proactive versus Reactive Knowledge Management

2. The KCS Methodology: The Knowledge-Centered Support Model

  • The Double Loop Process Model
  • The Solve Loop
  • The Evolve Loop

3. Wrapping Up the Knowledge-Centered Support Methodology

  • Performance Assessment
  • Leadership
  • Return on Investment