Leading Project Teams



There is no question that the role of a project leader is becoming more and more challenging. Projects are increasing in size and complexity and as a result, project teams are becoming larger and more diverse making projects more difficult to lead. Additionally, as many organizations execute multiple projects concurrently, project leaders and team members may find themselves stretched across a number of projects at the same time. These factors, in combination with the fact that project leaders often lack formal authority over team members, means that individuals responsible for leading projects need new and different skills to be effective in today's environment.

In this course, you will acquire the skills and knowledge that project leaders need to improve project results and deliver more business value.


  • Lead projects in a way that improves outcomes and business results
  • Manage the common people-related challenges that get in the way of project success
  • Develop leadership and communication skills


Prework for this course should be completed one week in advance and brought to class.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the roles of a project leader
  • Adapt your communication style to work effectively with different project team members
  • Establish clear individual and team goals in a way that builds team member commitment
  • Monitor individual and team results
  • Provide feedback to maximize individual and team performance
  • Deal with difficult situations