Linux 102: Linux+/LPIC-1/CLA Preparation


Description This five-day course provides the student with the knowledge to use Linux as a system administrator. This course is also designed to prepare students for the Linux+ LX0-102 certification exam.*

Designed for individuals with basic knowledge of Linux, OCS-linux-102 lays the foundation necessary to become successful working in a Linux environment. Students are provided with hands on instruction in both fundamental and advanced topics.

In addition to helping students prepare for the Linux+ exam, students gain experience that will assist them in handling real world Linux administration tasks.

Prior to attending this class, students should have the following experience:
• Linux-101 or equivalent experience

Unit 16 Maintaining User Accounts

  • Account database files
  • groupadd & groupdel
  • useradd & userdel
Unit 18 Administrating Initialization Files
  • BASH initialization files
  • Testing initialization files
Unit 19: Using crontab and at
  • schedule processes with crontab
  • anacron
  • schedule processes with at
Unit 20: sudo
  • Using visudo
  • /etc/sudoers file
  • Using the sudo command
Unit 21: Log File Administration
  • System log daemons
  • Configuration files
  • Viewing log files
Unit 22: Advanced X Configuration
  • X Windows components
  • xhost
  • Accessibility
Unit 23: Email Services
  • Mail configuration
  • Mail protocols
  • Sendmail & Postfix
Unit 24: Secure Shell
  • SSH configuration
  • StrictModes
  • Authentication methods
Unit 25: Printer Management
  • CUPS
  • Monitoring print queue
  • Controlling printer status
  • Printer classes
Unit 26: NTP and Localization
  • Design structure
  • NTP Client configuration
  • NTP Server configuration
Unit 27: SQL
  • SQL terms
  • Basic SQL commands
Unit 28: Fundamentals of TCP/IP
  • IP addressing
  • Subnetting
  • Routing
Unit 29: TCP/IP Configuration
  • Global network settings
  • NSS configuration
  • Configuration utilities
Unit 30: TCP Wrappers
  • TCP Wrappers overview
  • Configuration file format
Unit 31: The xinetd Service
  • /etc/xinetd.conf file
  • /etc/exinetd.d directory
Unit 32: Shell Scripting
  • Conditional statements
  • Input/output
  • Handling Signals
  • Debugging