Managing Chaos: Tools to Set Priorities and Make Decisions Under Pressure



Learn fast, easy-to-use tools and techniques to manage unproductive confusion and disorder and transform chaos into controllable challenges. This seminar equips you with the most effective tools to plan your day and adjust to shifting priorities and demands-with less stress and greater clarity.

How You Will Benefit

  • Reduce, clarify, and eliminate chaos within your control
  • Identify, analyze, and determine priority of your workday
  • Use a daily action plan to allocate time and energy
  • Remain focused and act more decisively when priorities shift
  • Become more assertive and strategic in your communication
  • Manage interruptions and conflicts with greater ease
  • Utilize the right tools to balance and manage tough choices


Anyone facing shifting priorities, expanding workloads, tight deadlines, organizational restructuring, multiple projects, or increased uncertainty

Learning Objectives

  • Define chaos you can control
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving tools to make tough decisions
  • Good decision-making considerations
  • Assess problems before rushing to solution
  • Management issues: planning, workload resources, and micromanaging
  • Manage changing priorities and shifting demands
  • Proactive vs. reactive work approach; time managers vs. priority managers
  • Analyze and negotiate how you spend your time
  • Employ assertive responses in all situations
  • Effectively decline requests from managers, peers, and customers
  • People issues: how to manage different viewpoints and personalities
  • Sources and impact of workplace chaos
  • Tools designed to help determine priorities
  • New time management strategies and techniques
  • Tools to help make good decisions under pressure

1. A Look at Workplace Chaos

  • Sources of workplace chaos
  • Impact of chaos on individuals, teams, and organizations
  • Begin to develop an action plan to help you attain your top businessgoals by using tools to manage workplace chaos

2. Determining Priorities-The Starting Point

  • Why determining priorities is critical
  • Proactive vs. reactive work approach
  • Analyze how you spend your time
  • Negotiate to help manage your time and requests

3. Maintaining Focus on Priorities

  • Older and newer time management strategies
  • Review a selective daily action plan
  • Three cures for illusions about competing priorities
  • Tools that:
    • Educate requesters on "blind risksin their requests
    • Help requesters arrive at your door better prepared
    • Match assigned deadlines with actual estimates
    • Track interruptions

4. Assertive Communication

  • Assertive communication required to manage workplace challenge andpressure
  • Employ assertive responses no matter how manipulated or provoked you feel
  • Decline a request successfully, whether from your manager, your peers, oryour customers
  • Helpful language

5. Decision Making Under Pressure

  • Risks of making decisions under pressure
  • Good decision-making considerations
  • Practice a fast focus analysis
  • Make your decision: weigh it against your "quick pick"
  • The decision guide format through a demonstration case
  • Complete the decision guide using your own case