Migrating Applications to the Cloud on Bluemix



In this class, you will learn about migrating Java applications to run in the cloud, including a simple replatforming to a more complex migration to make an application cloud-ready. Considerations for using both the IBM Containers and virtual machine capabilities are covered, as well as architecture modernization considerations.


  • Developers who want to migrate WebSphere Application Server applications to run on Bluemix Liberty


  • Knowledge of:
    • Cloud concepts
    • Java programming
    • Using Eclipse IDE

Learning Objectives

  • Applications to migrate to the cloud
  • Run times and deployment options that are available in IBM Bluemix
  • Use the IBM WebSphere migration tools
  • Migrate Java applications to IBM Bluemix

1. Migrating Applications to Bluemix

  • Cloud applications
  • Migrating applications to Bluemix
  • Considerations for porting to Cloud Foundry run times

2. Migrating Java Applications to Bluemix

  • Introduction to WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile
  • Introduction to Eclipse and Liberty development environment and tools
  • State in cloud applications
  • Application scaling on IBM Bluemix
  • Migration tools
  • Handling external dependencies

3. Developing Modern Web Applications