Modern ASP.NET



In this course, you will learn about Microsoft's latest web development framework. This course focuses on Microsoft's One ASP.NET strategy for a unified framework for architecting web applications. You will learn about model-view-controller (MVC) for building HTML-based applications. You'll also learn about OWIN and Katana for providing a common HTTP hosting infrastructure, as well as ASP.NET Identity for securing user identities. Web API for building modern web services is also covered in class. You will also learn more about SignalR for providing real-time push notifications to client applications. Come and explore Microsoft's compelling server-side stack for developing modern web applications and services.

Note: You are required to bring your own laptop.


Developers who want to:

  • Design and build modern ASP.NET web applications
  • Stay current on the latest web development technology available from Microsoft


  • Basic knowledge of .NET
  • Basic understanding of HTTP and HTML

Learning Objectives

  • MVC and how to properly utilize the MVC pattern
  • Controllers and actions
  • Write views using Razor to render HTML dynamically
  • Build validation into an application
  • Use jQuery and Ajax with MVC and Web API
  • Securing your web applications
  • How SignalR provides real-time push notifications to the browser

1. MVC Introduction

2. MVC Actions

3. MVC Views

4. MVC Model Binding

5. MVC Validation

6. OWIN and Katana

7. MVC Security

8. ASP.NET Identity

9. jQuery

10. Ajax

11. Web API

12. Web API Security

13. Knockout

14. SignalR



Appendix 1: Asynchronous Controllers

Appendix 2: Custom Model Binding

Appendix 3: Custom Validation Providers

Appendix 4: Dependency Injection

Appendix 5: Organizing Code

Appendix 6: Extending jQuery

Appendix 7: IIS 7

Appendix 8: URL Routing

Appendix 9: Localization

Appendix 10: Mocking and Testing MVC

Appendix 11: Template Helpers