PhoneGap Training


Description The free Adobe PhoneGap application allows you to use JavaScript to develop mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, without learning a new language or environment for each one. If you are a web developer and know how to use JavaScript for the web, you can use skills you already have to create mobile apps. You can create cross-platform apps that can be released for iPhone, iPad and Android at the same time. To create useful mobile apps with JavaScript and PhoneGap you need to develop skills in: coding the app (using JavaScript, CSS and Eclipse), accessing native device features (using the Adobe PhoneGap library), styling the app UI (using CSS and jQuery Mobile), compiling it (using Adobe PhoneGap) and publishing your app. We will train you in all of these areas.


  • Knowledge of HTML
  • Enough experience with CSS to, for example, create a dropdown menu using ul and li elements
  • Enough experience with JavaScript to programmatically modify CSS properties of HTML elements

Coding the App

JavaScript allows you to write cross-platform apps that can be deployed on different mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad and Android, using the same code base. CSS is a language for styling the UI so it matches the appearance of native mobile UIs. Eclipse helps organize JavaScript files. It can also generate code, detect syntax errors, and test JavaScript code. To develop mobile apps, you build them first using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, and then compile them into mobile apps using Adobe PhoneGap. In this course we training you on how to:

  • Create JavaScript projects in Eclipse
  • Write app code in JavaScript
  • Associate CSS stylesheets with the project
  • Organize multiple JavaScript and CSS files in a project
  • Include JavaScript and CSS libraries in your code to leverage existing code

Using Native Device Features

To effectively leverage the mobile device the mobile app must have access to the system-level features of the devices. Adobe PhoneGap has a JavaScript library that lets access the features that normally would require native code. In the section we will train you on how to:

  • Capture sounds, images and movies using the phone's audio recorder, camera and video camera applications and then replay them
  • Detect motion and acceleration of the phone
  • Use the device's compass to detect which way it is pointing
  • Read the contacts on the phone and add new ones
  • Read and write audio, image, video and other files on the phone's internal disk
  • Use the GPS on the device to use the phone's current location in your apps
  • Get the device user's attention with pop-up alerts, vibration, and sounds
  • Use SQL to store structured data on the phone's database
  • Use the PhoneGap simulator to test your app on different devices

Styling App UI

When users download a mobile app they expect it to match the look and feel of a native app written for that device. jQuery Mobile allows you to use predefined controls to match the look-and-feel of the different mobile devices. We will train you on how to:

  • Style your app for iPhone and Android devices
  • Style your app for iPad with split-view and the larger iPad screen width
  • Select a theme for your app to get a consistent look-and-feel across all its UI pages
  • Use buttons, list views, toolbars, and dialogs in your app
  • Use the PhoneGap simulator to ensure that your app looks perfect on the iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile platforms

Compiling and Publishing Apps

After you have developed the app you will want to publish it in the Apple App Store or the Android Market so that users can purchase it and download it. For this you will need to get a developer certificates for the different app stores, and then sign your app with them. We will train you on how to:

  • Compile your code for iOS using XCode and the PhoneGap libraries
  • Compile your code for Android using Eclipse and the PhoneGap libraries
  • Compile your code by simply uploading it to Adobe's PhoneGap Build web site, which comopiles it for you and allows you to download fully packaged iOS and Android apps
  • Provision and deploy an app on the Apple App Store
  • Provision and deploy an app on the Google Play app market
  • Track sales and downloads of your app
  • Publish updates of your apps
  • Troubleshoot common deployment issues