Photoshop Fundamentals: An Introduction to Photoshop CC



This course provides a thorough overview Photoshop CC through an ideal combination of instructor-led demonstration and hands-on practice.


Professionals involved in any area of digital media, including desktop publishing, multimedia design, web design, digital video editing, photography, and other similar disciplines


Practical working knowledge of Mac OS X or Windows

Learning Objectives

  • Interface, tools, and features of Photoshop CC
  • Photoshop CC tricks and tips

1. Understanding How Digital Images Work

  • Understanding RGB and CMYK color models (additive and Subtractive)
  • Image size Vs. Resolution - What's the difference?
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio - Are all pixels square?
  • Bits per channel - what does that mean?
  • Alpha Channel - Why is this important to us?

2. Getting to Know the Work Area

  • Starting to work in Adobe Photoshop
  • Using the tools
  • Setting tool properties
  • Undoing actions in Photoshop
  • More about panels and panel locations
  • Customizing the workspace
  • Finding resources for using Photoshop

3. Working with Selections

  • About selecting and selection tools
  • Using the Quick Selection tool
  • Moving a selected area
  • Manipulating selections
  • Using the Magic Wand tool
  • Selecting with the lasso tools
  • Rotating a selection
  • Selecting with the Magnetic Lasso tool
  • Selecting from a center point
  • Resizing and copying a selection
  • Cropping an image

4. Layer Basics

  • About layers
  • Using the Layers panel
  • Rearranging layers
  • Applying a gradient to a layer
  • Applying a layer style
  • Adding an adjustment layer
  • Updating layer effects
  • Adding a border
  • Flattening and saving files

5. Basic Photo Corrections

  • Strategy for retouching
  • Resolution and image size
  • Straightening and cropping the image in Photoshop
  • Adjusting the color and tone
  • Using the Spot Healing Brush tool
  • Using content-aware fill
  • Repairing areas with the Clone Stamp tool
  • Applying a content-aware patch
  • Sharpening the image

6. Correcting and Enhancing Digital Photographs

  • Adjusting shadows and highlights
  • Camera Shake Reduction
  • Correcting red eye
  • Correcting image distortion
  • Adding depth of field
  • Extending objects with the Content-Aware Move tool
  • Adding interactive blur
  • Photo Merge
  • Auto-align layers
  • Content-aware scaling
  • Content-aware fill

7. Masks and Channels

  • Working with masks and channels
  • Creating a mask
  • Refining a mask
  • Creating a quick mask
  • Manipulating an image with Puppet Warp
  • Working with channels

8. Typographic Design

  • About type
  • Creating a clipping mask from type
  • Creating type on a path
  • Warping point type
  • Designing paragraphs of type
  • Working with type styles
  • Adding a rounded rectangle
  • Adding vertical text

9. Vector Drawing Techniques

  • About bitmap images and vector graphics
  • About paths and the Pen tool
  • Using paths with artwork
  • Creating vector objects for the background
  • Working with defined custom shapes
  • Importing a Smart Object

10. Saving your files

  • Understanding file types
  • The right file for the right job