Red Hat OpenStack Administration III



This course is part of the emerging technology series of courses from Red Hat. While Red Hat� OpenStack Administration (CL210) covers scaled out Nova compute nodes; this course takes scalability to the next level by creating a separate storage node and a separate network node to provide better scalability and separation between functions. This course is designed for storage administrators, network administrators, or cloud operators who are intending to scale out an OpenStack environment or integrate their network or storage into an OpenStack environment.

You will learn about the architecture and installation of Red Hat Ceph Storage as well as the integration of Red Hat Ceph Storage into Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, covering integration with the Glance image service, integration with the Cinder block storage service, and replacing the Swift object storage service. This course also covers networking in the OpenStack environment, including creation of a separate network node, coverage of VLAN, VXLAN, and GRE, networks, subnets, floating IP address and other software-defined network (SDN) items, as well as distributed virtual routing (DVR).


Experienced Linux system administrators responsible for managing OpenStack environments who are interested in learning how to configure a scalable and distributed storage as a storage backend for OpenStack and use the advanced features offered by OpenStack Neutron.


  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification or equivalent experience

Learning Objectives

  • Install Red Hat Ceph Storage on a separate storage node
  • Integrate Ceph with OpenStack
  • Create a separate network node
  • Use Neutron Networking from OpenStack to create software-defined Networks (SDN)
  • Create networks, subnets, and floating IP addresses for OpenStack
  • Use VLAN, VXLAN, and GRE tunnels in OpenStack

1. Introducing Red Hat Ceph Storage

2. Describing Red Hat Ceph Storage Components and Features

3. Deploying and Accessing Red Hat Ceph Storage

4. Creating Snapshots and Clones

5. Deploying the Calamari Console

6. Integrating Ceph with the Glance Image Service

7. Integrating Ceph with the Cinder Block Storage Service

8. Integrating Ceph with the Keystone Identity Service

9. Integrating Ceph with the Nova Compute Service

10. Introducing Networking Fundamentals

11. Managing Network Interfaces

12. Implementing Virtual Bridging

13. Deploying Virtual Network Devices

14. Implementing Network Namespaces

15. Managing the Neutron Services

16. Provisioning Tenant Networks

17. Implementing LBaaS

18. Troubleshooting the Neutron Networking Services

19. Comprehensive Review