SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: Report Design II (BOW320v16)



In this course, you will learn how to access, analyze, and share data using SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) launch pad and SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence.�

Note: This course is based on software release SAP BI Platform 4.2.

  • Application consultant
  • Business analyst
  • Business process owner
  • Power user
Experience designing Web Intelligence reports
Learning Objectives
  • Apply alternative query and reporting techniques when creating complex Web Intelligence documents
  • Create combined queries and use sub-queries
  • Use character and date string functions
  • Create variables using ""If"" logic
  • Redefine calculation contexts
  • Link Web Intelligence documents using the hyperlink functionality
  • Create documents using various SAP data sources
1. Web Intelligence Core Report Design 2. Multiple Data Sources
  • Synchronizing Data from Multiple Data Sources
  • Creating Multiple Queries in a Document
  • Synchronizing Data with Merged Dimensions
  • Interacting with Other Data Providers
3. Advanced Query Techniques
  • Implementing Combined Queries
  • Implementing Subqueries
  • Creating a Query Based on Another Query
4. Calculation Contexts
  • Calculation Contexts
  • Redefining Calculation Contexts
  • Implementing Extended Syntax Operators
  • Implementing Extended Syntax Keywords
  • Defining Calculation Context
5. Formulas with Character and Date String Functions
  • Creating Formulas with Character and Date String Functions
  • Implementing the Right() Function
  • Implementing the Replace() Function
  • Implementing the SubStr() Function
  • Implementing the Pos() Function
  • Concatenating Character Strings
  • Implementing Date Functions
6. If Logic
  • Group Data
  • Executing the If() Function to Modify Calculation Behavior
7. Additional Reporting Techniques
  • Implementing Data Tracking
  • Implementing Additional Report Functions
  • Publishing Web Intelligence Content to Mobile Devices
8. Link Options in Web Intelligence Documents
  • Managing Links in Web Intelligence Documents
  • Using Element Linking to Filter Data
  • Managing Hyperlinks in the Web Intelligence Interactive Panel