SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise: Fundamentals of Report Design (BOCE10)



Participants will gain the fundamentals of report design and acquire the basis for more advanced courses in the SAP BI curriculum.


  • Business analysts
  • System administrators



  • Knowledge of Windows Conventions


  • Basic database concepts

Learning Objectives

  • Plan and create a report
  • Organize and format data
  • Apply record selection
  • Create formulas and apply conditioning report
  • Export and distribute reports

1. Report Planning

  • Describing Database Concepts
  • Planning and Developing a Report Prototype

2. SAP Business Objects BI Platform and Data Source Connection

  • Logging On to SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform
  • Defining a Data Source

3. Report Creation

  • Connecting to a Data Source
  • Creating a Query
  • Describing the Report Design Environment
  • Setting Up Report Sections
  • Describing the Field Objects Controls
  • Saving a Report

4. Report Layout and Formatting

  • Setting Page Properties
  • Applying Report Formatting Options

5. Data Selection

  • Editing a Query
  • Inserting Additional Filter Conditions
  • Modifying Query Filters
  • Applying Time-Based Filters

6. Sorting, Grouping, and Totaling

  • Sorting Data
  • Grouping Data
  • Creating Nested and Multiple Groups
  • Creating a Custom Group
  • Grouping on Time-Based Data
  • Totaling Grouped Data
  • Totaling Column Data

7. Additional Report Objects

  • Inserting Predefined Objects
  • Adding Graphical Objects

8. Formulas

  • Defining Formulas
  • Using the Formula Workshop
  • Creating and Modifying Formulas
  • Applying Boolean Formulas
  • Applying If-Then-Else Formulas
  • Applying Date Calculations + Applying Numeric Calculations + Applying String Manipulation

9. Conditional Formatting

  • Formatting Objects Conditionally
  • Formatting Fields Conditionally with Formulas
  • Formatting Sections
  • Formatting Sections Conditionally
  • Drilling Down on Sections

10. Charting

  • Describing Charting Concepts
  • Charting On Data
  • Formatting Charts

11. Report Distribution

  • Exporting a Report
  • Saving Reports to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform