SAP HANA Installation & Operations (HA200v12)



In this course you will learn how to install and operate SAP HANA SPS12. The course covers the most important tasks for the daily work of an SAP HANA system administrator. Furthermore, it provides details about starting and stopping, changing the configuration, troubleshooting and assuring the high-availability of an SAP HANA SPS12 system.�

Note: This course based on software release SAP HANA SPS12


  • Database administrator
  • Help desk/CoE support
  • System administrator
  • Technology consultant


  • Some experience in SAP system administration
  • Some experience in database administration

Learning Objectives

  • Install and update a SAP HANA database in version SPS12
  • Perform the daily tasks for a SAP HANA system administrator
  • Start and stop, change the configuration, backup and troubleshoot a SAP HANA SPS12 system
  • Backup and recover a SAP HANA SPS12 database

1. Preparing Installation

  • Sizing of SAP HANA
  • Requirements

2. Installation

  • Introduction SAP HANA Lifecycle Management Tools
  • Advanced installation options
  • SAP HANA Studio installation
  • Performing a Distributed System Installation

3. Post Installation

  • Post-Installation Steps
  • Updating SAP HANA
  • Revision strategy of SAP HANA

4. Architecture and Scenarios

  • SAP HANA Memory Management and Data Persistence
  • Software Packaging
  • SAP HANA Roadmap and Scenarios
  • Deployment Options

5. Admin Tools for SAP HANA

  • Administration Tool Overview
  • SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA Cockpit
  • SHINE - SAP HANA Interactive Education
  • DBA Cockpit
  • HDBSQL Command Line Tool

6. Operations and Troubleshooting

  • Starting and Stopping SAP HANA
  • Configuring SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Table Administration
  • Periodic Tasks
  • Configuring Traces
  • Working with Diagnosis Information and Diagnosis Files
  • SQL Console
  • Transporting Changes

7. Backup and Recovery

  • Concept of Backup and Recovery
  • Data Area Backup
  • Log Area Backup
  • Additional Backup Topics
  • Recovery
  • Backup and Recovery using Storage Snapshot
  • Database Copy

8. Security

  • Security Overview
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Encryption
  • Auditing

9. Maintaining Users and Authorization

  • User Management
  • Types of Privileges
  • Roles
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Information Sources for Administrators
  • SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant

10. High Availability and Disaster Tolerance

  • High Availability
  • SAP HANA Scale Out
  • Disaster Recovery

11. Multitenant Database Containers

  • Architecture and Technology
  • Administration of Multitenant Database Containers
  • Backup and Recovery of Multitenant Database Containers