Security Awareness


In today's organizational environment, almost every role involves working with computers in some manner. Recent events indicate that security breaches can happen with almost any computer user, at home or office. This course is intended to provide you with an introduction to common security threats and issues, as well as ways to counteract them.Course Length 1.0 DayAudience End users who use computers at home or in the officePrerequisites Students should understand fundamental computer concepts, such as how to run applications, manage files, and use a web browser.Learning Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • describe the importance of securing information.
  • identify the different ways to guard yourself against social engineering exploits.
  • describe the security practices related to computers, mobile devices, networks, and the Internet.
  • maintain the security of the files and folders stored on your computing devices.
  • identify and protect information against risks associated with the cyber world.
  • identify potential security incidents, ways to respond in the event of a possible breach, and measures to prevent a security breach.
  • identify methods to keep the cloud and virtualized environments secured.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Securing Information
  • Topic 1A: Examine Information Security
  • Topic IB: Implement Physical Security Measures
  • Topic 1C: Examine Cyber Security
Lesson 2: Guarding Against Social Engineering Exploits
  • Topic 2A: Identify Social Engineering Exploits
  • Topic 2B: Counteract Social Engineering Exploits
  • Topic 2C: Evolve Social Engineering Organization Policies
Lesson 3: Identifying Security Measures
  • Topic 3A: Strengthen Desktop Security
  • Topic 3B: Strengthen Software Security
  • Topic 3C: Strengthen Browser Security
  • Topic 3D: Strengthen Network Security
  • Topic 3E: Secure Wireless Networks
  • Topic 3F: Strengthen Mobile Security
Lesson 4: Maintaining File System Security
  • Topic 4A: Implement File System Security in Windows 7
  • Topic 4B: Back Up and Restore Data
  • Topic 4C: Dispose of Data Securely
Lesson 5: Guarding Against Attacks
  • Topic 5A: Protect a Computer from Security Threats
  • Topic 5B: Protect Computers from Virus Attacks
  • Topic 5C: Protect Computers from Social Network Threats
Lesson 6: Handling Security Breaches
  • Topic 6A: Identify Incidents
  • Topic 6B: Respond to Incidents
Lesson 7: Identifying Cloud Computing And Virtualization Security Methods
  • Topic 7A: Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • Topic 7B: Fundamentals of Virtualization
Appendix A: Security and Privacy Regulations