Social Media: Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Description This hands-on workshop provides an overview of social media and how it affects businesses and organizations. Attendees will gain the practical knowledge needed to successfully launch and maintain social media marketing campaigns. In-class exercises include researching how organizations are using social media a part of their marketing strategy, creating a Facebook page, creating a Twitter account, setting up a blog, and more.

This workshop is ideal for those seeking to integrate social media into an overall marketing strategy for their business or group.

Learning Objectives

Morning Session

  • Principles of social media
  • Benefits of social media networking from a business standpoint
  • Overview of social media platforms and mediums, including: Blogs, Google groups, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube & Skype
  • Social media in the public sector
  • Developing a strategy and creating a social media marketing campaign
  • Tools to track and measure the success of a social media marketing campaign
Afternoon Session
  • Using Facebook and Twitter to create dialogue and establish relationships
  • Establishing a presence using communication forums such as blogs and discussion groups
  • Promoting events with social media
  • Launching and managing a social media marketing campaign
  • Interpreting and analyzing the results of a social media marketing campaign
  • Staying on top of social media trends