SoftLayer Fundamentals



This course introduces you to SoftLayer Infrastructure-as-a-Solution (IaaS) capabilities through instruction, hands-on lab activities, and demonstrations. A three-tier application framework and client case study is used to provide a workload context in order to understand what SoftLayer can do.


  • For individuals who want to evaluate the SoftLayer's IaaS capabilities in more detail
  • Individuals responsible for evaluating the technical benefits of using third party cloud hosting services such as SoftLayer for IaaS
  • IT solution and software architects who want to assess the fit of SoftLayer's IaaS technologies and how they align with their business requirements
  • Application developers who want to understand the SoftLayer's IaaS capabilities and how to leverage them into their applications
  • Network managers who want to understand IaaS connectivity and performance considerations to manage the computer networks across their business
  • Security managers who want to learn how to design IaaS solutions that protect underlying information using cloud services
  • Storage managers who need to assess IaaS options to manage the storage architecture strategy


Before taking this course, you should have a familiarity with:

  • Hardware used with cloud computing
  • Load balancing
  • Internet and web-hosting fundamentals
  • Cloud computing
  • SoftLayer overview

Learning Objectives

  • Cloud terminology
  • Architectural concepts in regards to SoftLayer
  • Compare the SoftLayer storage options
  • Security and compliance, including data privacy
  • Evaluate the multiple network options and the performance implications
  • SoftLayer differentiators
  • Model a typical environment using relevant SoftLayer component options

1. Changing the Landscape Without Changing the Definition

2. Defining SoftLayer Cloud Architecture

3. Connecting to the Cloud - SoftLayer network options

4. Storing Your Data

5. Keep Safe - Security, Compliance, and Data Management

6. Monitoring and Management to meet Service Level Agreements

7. Leveraging the SoftLayer Differentiators