SQL and SQL Script Basics for SAP HANA (HA150v12)



In this course you can learn the basics of SAP HANA SQL or refresh your SQL knowledge, as well as the basics of SQL Script to create user- defined functions and database procedures in SAP HANA. This course has been designed for consultants with little to no prior knowledge of SQL and for consultants who only used the very basic form of the SQL SELECT statement so far.

This course is based on software release:



  • Application consultant
  • Database administrator
  • Developer
  • Developer consultant
  • Technology consultant

Learning Objectives

  • Basic and some advanced SQL techniques for querying and manipulating data in an SAP HANA database
  • Develop user-defined functions and database procedures using SQL Script

  • SQL and the relational database model
  • Reading data from a table or view
    • Calculated Columns and Functions
    • CASE expressions
    • Duplicate Elimination
    • Sorting and limiting result sets
    • The WHERE clause
    • Aggregating and grouping data
  • Reading data from multiple tables or views: Unions, Joins and Sub Queries
  • Understanding NULL values
  • Changing data stored in tables
  • Defining how data is stored using SQL
  • Creating user-defined functions and database procedures using SQL
    • SQL Script basics
    • Scalar user-defined functions
    • Table user-defined functions
    • Database procedures
  • Defining data access using SQL