Tableau Advanced


Description This course is designed to provide you with the skills required to become a Tableau power user. The course is designed for the professional who has solid working experience with Tableau and wants to take it to the next level. You should have a deep understanding of all the fundamental concepts of building worksheets and dashboards, but may scratch your head when working with more complex issues. Audience The primary audience for this course consists of anyone in an organization or company who wishes to perform personal data analysis on a cloud or on premise data source. Participants DO NOT need an IT background to be successful with Tableau. Prerequisites Participants should have taken the Tableau Desktop Level 1 course within the previous six weeks, or have solid recent introductory Tableau experience, having used Tableau Desktop for at least one month. Participants should be familiar with the Tableau workspace (shelves and cards), basic filters, common chart types (bar charts, line charts, cross tabs/text tables), and basic calculated field concepts. Learning Objectives At course completion, participants will be able to analyze data using more advanced Tableau techniques, such as advanced calculations, table calculations, parameters, advanced mapping techniques (including custom background images), animation with motion charts, and highly interactive dashboards. Data visualization best practices will be emphasized throughout the course.
Course Outline
Tableau Review
  • Connecting to Data/Joining Tables
  • Data Pane, Shelves and Cards
  • Show Me
  • Filters
  • Customized Calculations
  • Sorting
  • Measure Names/Measure Values
  • Formatting
  • Creating and Showing Parameters
    • Creating Parameters within Tableau Dialog Boxes
  • Using Parameters in Calculated Fields and Dialog Boxes
  • Using Highlighters
Customizing Tooltips
  • Adding Additional Fields
  • Editing and Formatting
  • Embedding a Worksheet in a Tooltip
Statistical References and Forecasting
  • The Analytics Pane
    • Advanced Reference Distribution/Box Plot
    • Trend Lines
    • Forecasting
Customized Mapping Options
  • Data Source Latitude/Longitude
  • Spatial Files
    • Obtaining Spatial Files
  • Custom Background Maps
  • X/Y Coordinates and Custom Background Images
Animating Data
  • The Pages Shelf
  • Identifying the Page Field
    • Special Date Field Considerations
  • Pages Card History Options
Calculated Fields and Table Calculations
  • Calculated Field Review
  • Parsing and Converting Strings
  • Calculations for Advanced Chart Types
  • Level-Of-Detail Expressions
  • Extended Calculated Field Functions
    • Data Source-Specific Functions
    • External Services Connection