Tellabs: Optical LAN Network, Design, and Planning



In this course, you will learn how to plan and design a network for a Tellabs 1100 Optical LAN system. You will learn how to design the system to provide the data, voice, and IP video services and applications supported by the Tellabs 1100 Optical LAN.

This course includes hands-on activities using floor plan examples. It is designed to help you reinforce concepts that have been presented in class.

Completion of this course can be recognized for 11 CECs (continuing education credits) for BICSI credential holders. If you are interested, talk to your instructor in class.


Network engineers responsible for designing and planning networks for the Tellabs 1100 Optical LAN

Learning Objectives

  • Establish a layer one plan based on customer floor plan and drop locations
  • Prescribe for the customer the proper number and types of OLT shelves and plug in units based on customer requirements
  • Prescribe for the customer the proper power equipment, racking, and grounding needed based on the OLT and ONT equipment needed
  • Establish EMS requirements and configuration that meets the customer's needs
  • Determine the proper service and uplink provisioning that will be needed to meet the customer's needs

1. Layer One Design Considerations

  • Procedure Outline
  • Determining the Optical LAN Solution
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Options
  • Optical LAN Link Budgets
  • ONT Mounting Options
  • Special Design Considerations
  • Best Practices for Optical LAN Design
  • Determining GPON Fiber Needs
  • Remote Powering

2. Equipment Planning

  • OLT Equipment Planning
  • Power, Grounding, and Racking

3. Provisioning Planning

  • EMS and Management
  • Provisioning Planning

4. Practical Practice