The Voice of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire, Influence, and Achieve Results



It's a fact of organizational life: Leadership communication goeshand-in-hand with success, and the effective application of this skill isparticularly essential in an uncertain economy when painful business decisionsare made daily.

This fast-paced, results-oriented seminar is uniquely designed to strengthenyour leadership communication skills. You'll learn practical techniques to shapeyour leadership messages, hone an authentic leadership voice, and engage inpowerful conversations that achieve results.


Experienced managers and executives and anyone who aspires to a leadership position or who is expected to provide leadership

Learning Objectives

  • Improve your leadership communication skills
  • Build greater buy-in, trust, and loyalty
  • Demonstrate grace under fire and defuse tension
  • Overcome resistance to change
  • Motivate followers and inspire them to action
  • Rally support in difficult situations

1. The Voices of Effective Leaders Past and Present

  • Leadership defined
  • Voice of leadership
  • Typical situations requiring leadership and how well you use the languageof leadership in these situations
  • Five traits of effective leaders as communicators and how well youdemonstrate those traits
  • Objectives, agenda, and major themes for this seminar

2. Finding Your Leadership Voice

  • Two components of a leader's voice
  • How to find your true voice as a leader
  • Several leadership styles and your dominant style
  • How and when to adopt each style

3. Crafting Compelling Messages That Inspire Action and Produce Results

  • Pinpoint the desired results of your leadership message by using aresults matrix
  • Shape your leadership message by using the elements of informationpackaging

4. Setting the Stage for Powerful Communication

  • Pick the right forum and create a winning setting for your key messages
  • Overcome stage fright and communication anxiety

5. Getting the Attention and Understanding of Those You Wish to Lead

  • Get the genuine attention of followers
  • Generate presence and charisma that command respect
  • Send clear messages that maximize audience understanding
  • Tell stories that captivate audiences and drive home your message

6. Setting the Direction You Want Others to Travel

  • Communicate a clear mission and inspiring vision and values
  • Give instructions and delegate authority in ways that prompt others totake responsibility

7. Influencing and Inspiring Others into Action

  • Factors that demotivate people
  • Light a fire in the hearts of others
  • Nine different influence strategies
  • Get others to accept, endorse, and advance your agenda
  • Overcome resistance and initiate change

8. Coaching, Counseling, and Mentoring for Improved Performance

  • Stimulate and guide authentic coaching, counseling, and mentoringsessions
  • Apply the appreciative-inquiry technique to facilitate improvement
  • Listen to and deeply understand others
  • Provide positive feedback and constructive criticism

9. Addressing Tough and Touchy Topics in Ways That Defuse Tension

  • Discuss the "undiscussables" and other sensitive issues
  • Deliver bad news and unpopular change in ways that win acceptance
  • Handle conflict and hostile disputes