VMware NSX for Internetworking Experts Fast Track [V6.2]



This 5-day comprehensive, fast-paced training course focuses on installing, configuring, and managing VMware NSX�. This course addresses NSX as a part of the software-defined data center, implementation use cases and features of NSX, and functionality operating at layer 2 through layer 7 of the OSI model. Data center network architectures are examined to demonstrate how NSX intersects with and virtualizes functions of a Cisco-based infrastructure in spine-leaf and traditional core-aggregate-access architectures. Lecture and hands-on lab activities support your understanding of NSX features, functionality, and ongoing management and control.


Experienced system administrators who specialize in networking

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

Describe the software-defined data center

Describe how NSX is the next step in the evolution of the software-defined data center

Describe features and benefits of NSX network virtualization

Identify prerequisites for NSX � Configure and deploy NSX management, control, and data plane components

Configure, deploy, and use logical switch networks

Describe advanced networking products and features that are relevant to NSX

Configure and deploy the NSX distributed router to optimize east-west data center traffic flows

Configure and deploy VMware NSX� Edge� services gateway appliances

Explore advanced routing designs that optimize north-south traffic flows

Configure and use NSX virtual private networks

Configure and use logical load balancing

Configure NSX Edge firewall and distributed firewall policy rules

Configure Service Composer security groups and policies

Use role-based access to control user account privileges

Use activity monitoring to validate and create security policies

Design an NSX solution that considers rack design and advanced networking capabilities

1 Course Introduction

Introductions and course logistics

Course objectives


2 Evolution of the Software-Defined Data Center

Evolution of the software-defined data center

Introduction to vSphere

Introduction to network virtualization

vSphere networking


3 Management and Control Components

VMware NSX� Manager�

VMware NSX� Controller� clusters


4 Integrating vSphere and Physical Networking

Virtual and physical network integration

NSX preparation


5 NSX Logical Networking and VXLAN

VXLAN overview and NSX switching

NSX replication modes and frame walk


6 NSX Logical Routing

IP routing fundamentals

Overview of routing protocols

Distributed logical router

Edge gateway routing


7 NSX Layer 2 Bridging

NSX software bridging

Distributed logical router and bridging

Bridging packet flow

Bridging use case and examples

Hardware bridging


8 Additional Edge Gateway Services

Network address translation

Network load balancing

Virtual private networking

Edge services gateway high availability


9 NSX Firewall and Security Services

NSX security overview

NSX Edge firewall

NSX distributed firewall

NSX identity-based firewall

Service Composer

Data security and activity monitoring

NSX data security


10 NSX Operations and Monitoring Tools

Backup and availability

Role-based access control

Monitoring tools

Flow monitoring


11 Multi-vCenter NSX

Introduction to multi-vCenter NSX

Multi-vCenter NSX deployment models


12 VMware NSX and Design

NSX designs: infrastructure

NSX designs: advanced network protocols